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Shah Rafi Alam Memorial Polo Cup 2018

Lt Gen Shah Rafi Alam Memorial Polo Cup 2018 will roll on in action from Lahore Polo Club between Tuesday 2nd January 2018 to Sunday 7th January 2018 and Outfitter are the main sponsors of the event.

Top nine teams are taking part in the tournament are divided into 2 pools.

The Teams and Players of Pool A are:


Maj. Adil Sultan Rao
Maj. Faizan Tasadduq
Maj. Omer Minhas
Luis Migual Duggan
Jubilee Insurance/Master Paints
Aun Rizvi
Sufi Farooq
Edward Bannireve
Hamza Mawaz Khan
Master Paints Black
Abu Bakar Siddique
Sufi Muhammad Amir
Sufi Muhammad Haris
Hissam Ali Hyder
Artema Medical
Daniyal Sheikh
Ahmed Bilal Riaz
Raja Arslan Najeeb
Saqib Khan Khakwani
Diamond Paints
Mir Huzaifa Ahmed
Mir Sohaib Ahmed
Eulogio Celestino

The Teams and Players of Pool B are:


Alman Jalil Azam
Adnan Jalil Azam
Shah Shamyl Alam
Ahmed Ali Tiwana
Jamil Barry
Raja Mikael Sami
Raja Samiullah
Hernan Pieres
Guard Group
Taimur Ali Malik
Abdul Rehman Monnoo
Taimur Mawaz Khan
Bilal Haye
Rijas/Green Orchard
Irfan Sheikh
Ahmed Zubair Butt
Ahmed Nawaz Tiwana

The inaugural match of the tournament will be contested between Army and Jubilee Insurance/Master Paints on Tuesday at 2:00 pm while Master Paints Black, Artema Medical and Diamond Paints will vie against each other under American system.

Lahore Polo Club executive committee member Umer Sadik said that the eight-goal tournament is named after former polo player Lt Gen Shah Rafi Alam, which is a regular event of the club calendar. “Top nine teams will vie for the top honor in the event which will prove to be a tough and enthralling event.”

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