Jubilee Insurance, Diamond Paints vicious in Shah Rafi Alam Polo Cup

Jubilee Insurance/Master Paints and Diamond Paints win their matches on the opening day of Outfitters-sponsored Shah Rafi Alam Polo Cup 2018 at Lahore Polo ground.

The inaugural match was played between Jubliee Insurance/Master Paints and Army and Jubilee Insurance cruised Army by 8 ½ -2. Jubliee Insurance started the game with 1 ½ goal handicap advantage while Edward Banner was the star of the day as he fired 3 goals while Hamza Mawaz Khan and Aun Rizvi contributed 2 goals each to complete the tally. Luis Mighal Duggan converted both the goals from Army.

Jubliee Insurance put themselves ahead from the start of the match and fired two goals in the first chukker. Army then converted the only goal of second chukker to bridge the gap to 2-1. Jubliee Insurance once again dominated the third chukker and pumped up 3 more goals and extended their lead to 5-2 but once again Army’s Luis Mighal hammered a goal and makes the score 5-2. In the last chukker Jubilee Insurance were totally in-charge and they slammed another two goals to take undeniable lead of 7-2 and with the handicap advantage that makes 8 ½ - 2 against the super fit Army team.

The second match was played between Master Paints Black, Diamond Paints and Artema Medical under American system and it was Diamond Paints who turned out to be the winners. Diamond Paints first outpaced Artema Medical 3-2 and then thrashes Master Paints Black with the marin of 4-0. Earlier, Master Paints Black outclassed Artema Medical by 3-1.

Two matches will be played tomorrow , as Outfitters will vie against Barry’s in the first encounter at 2:00 pm while Guard Group will play against Rijas/Green Orchard in the second encounter at 3:00 pm.

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