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Ahsan Iqbal Unveils Vision for Sports Revival in Pakistan

Emphasizing the government’s commitment to elevating the national sports scene, Ahsan Iqbal outlined several key initiatives to restore the nation’s sporting glory.

Newly appointed Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) and Planning, Prof Dr Ahsan Iqbal, has declared 2025 as a pivotal year for the resurgence of sports in Pakistan. In a recent press briefing, Minister Ahsan Iqbal outlined his commitment to elevate the national sports scene, emphasizing key initiatives aimed at restoring the nation's sporting glory.

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One of the major highlights of Minister Ahsan Iqbal's agenda is the establishment of the Pakistan Sports Board as an autonomous entity, signalling a renewed focus on sports development. He reiterated the government's objective to elevate Pakistani athletes to Olympic medal standards and enhance performance in international competitions.

Furthermore, Minister Ahsan Iqbal announced plans for extensive consultations with stakeholders to drive the development and improvement of sports across the nation. The organization of the National Games later this year is set to showcase the talents of young athletes and upgrade the country's sports infrastructure, projecting a positive global image of Pakistan.

Addressing specific sports, Minister Ahsan Iqbal affirmed special attention to hockey, the national game of the country. He hinted at significant measures to elevate hockey standards, including discussions with the Prime Minister about establishing a new governing body parallel to the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF).
However, Minister Ahsan Iqbal did not shy away from addressing the challenges plaguing sports federations, such as politics and mismanagement. He criticized the dysfunction within existing bodies and cited the Narowal Sports City project as a victim of corruption.

Despite challenges, Minister Ahsan Iqbal asserted the government's unwavering commitment to sports development. The briefing also touched on broader economic challenges, emphasising stringent resource management to bridge the gap between income and expenses.

Federal Secretary of IPC, Irshad Nadeem Kayani, provided updates on the current status of sports governance, highlighting the Prime Minister's role as the Patron in Chief of the Pakistan Hockey Federation. Kayani also mentioned the formation of a rival hockey federation and ongoing issues within the Pakistan Football Federation, managed by a FIFA-appointed Normalization Committee.

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