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Sports Board Punjab Reopens Registration for Tehsil-Level Sports Clubs

The primary objective of this registration drive is to empower players from lower levels and discover new talent.

To promote sports at the grassroots level, the Sports Board Punjab has revived the registration process for sports clubs at the tehsil level. The initiative aims to foster a vibrant sports culture at the community level, facilitating the progression of players from local communities to the national and global stage.

Under the provisions of Article 2(r) of the Sports Board Punjab's Constitution, all sports clubs operating within the province are now mandated to register with the Sports Board Punjab. This formal registration process serves as a foundational step in the Board's commitment to promoting structured sports engagement, talent identification, and overall athletic excellence.

The primary objectives of this registration drive are to empower players from lower levels, discover new talent, and elevate the status of local athletes on the global stage. By encouraging clubs to register, the Sports Board Punjab envisions creating a robust ecosystem that not only nurtures emerging talent but also contributes to the rich tapestry of sports excellence in the region.

Registered sports clubs stand to gain numerous benefits, including access to government grants, participation in regular trials, and competitions, and eligibility for prizes dedicated to players. Additionally, registered clubs will enjoy full access to the state-of-the-art sports facilities provided by the Sports Board Punjab, further enhancing their training capabilities.

To streamline the registration process, the Sports Board Punjab has made available the complete Club Registration Form (Sports/Games) on its official website at Interested individuals can also obtain the necessary documentation and guidance from the Tehsil Sports Officers' offices.

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