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World Scrabble Championship & Junior World Scrabble Championship, 2019

Mr Tariq Pervez, Director Youth Program of Pakistan Scrabble Association announced the Pakistan Scrabble team for participation in two international events named: World Scrabble Championship 2019 and Junior World Scrabble Championship 2019.

Pakistan was the defending champion and overwhelming favorite to defend its title but failed to do so at World Scrabble Championship 2019.

The Shangrila Pakistan team comprised of the following players:

  1. Hassan Hadi Khan
  2. Hammad Hadi Khan 
  3. Sohaib Sanaullah
  4. Daniyal Sanaullah
  5. Syed Imaad Ali
  6. Taha Mirza
  7. Saim Waqar
  8. Usman Shaukat
  9. Monis Khan
  10. Misbah Ur Rehman
  11. Absar Mustajab
  12. Noor Shaukat 

The Junior World Scrabble Championship 2019 commenced on November 16th at Torquay, England where Pakistan team topped with securing five titles where 13 year old Pakistani Scrabble star, Syed Imaad Ali became the youngest player ever to win the Junior World Scrabble Championship 2019 while other titles were bagged by the following players:

  1. Under-18 World Champion, Taha Mirza (Pakistan)
  2. Under-14 World Champion, Saim Waqar (Pakistan) 
  3. Under-12 World Champion, Monis Khan (Pakistan) 
  4. Under-10 World Champion, Misbah Ur Rehman (Pakistan)  

Daniyal Sanaullah capped a great tournament by winning the runner up trophy with 15 wins and a spread of 1335 while Hassan Hadi finished third with 15 wins and a spread of 1024. Sohaib Sanaullah and Hammad Hadi finished 4th and 5th, respectively.

The World Scrabble Championship 2019 saw Pakistan's No. 1 player, Moiz Ullah Baig and No. 2 Waseem Khatri competing in the adults event where the luck did not favor them as they both ended their journey on 17th and 25th positions, respectively. 

While B Division witnessed Daniyal Sanaullah winning the final against compatriot, Taha Mirza by 3-1 to stand as the only Pakistani player to win a title at World Scrabble Championship 2019. 

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