Pakistan kicks off Junior World Scrabble Championship 2019 with absolute dominance

The 2019 Junior World Scrabble Championship began at the beautiful English town of Torquay, England where the first day was completely dominated by Pakistani players.

The opening day of Junior World Scrabble Championship 2019 was dominated by the Pakistani players as expected. The defending champions started where they left off last year with some sterling displays of vocabulary and tactical skills.

Although slightly weakened by the absence of some key players, Pakistan was still able to muster enough talent to completely dominate the games in a way that the top four positions were occupied by the Pakistani players on day one.

13 year old, Syed Imaad Ali was on top at the end of the first day with 6 wins out of 7 games played with a spread of 1006. He is averaging a whopping 516 points per match and he also managed the highest game score of the day with a massive 638.  

Talented, Hammad Hadi Khan, 21, wasn't far behind as he also won 6 games but was second behind Imaad on a lower spread that stood: 608.

Daniyal Sanaullah finished 3rd with 5 wins and a spread of 596 while Hassan Hadi Khan completed Pakistan's dominance by finishing the first day competitions on the fourth place with 5 wins and a spread of 296. 

England's Rori Kemp was pushed to the 11th spot after making a bright start.

More interestingly, the top position by an English player at the end of day one is held by Sumbul Siddiqui who has been a part of the Pakistan youth team before migrating to England.  

The Pakistani players will further compete in 7 more games that will be played on the second day of the championship. 

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