Zacky Farms Polo Club

The Zacky Farms Polo Club is a prime location for polo enthusiasts to gather and play their favorite sport. Situated on a attractive expanse of over 60 acres of lush and fertile farmland, Zacky Farms offers you the chance to truly take a breath of fresh air. On rich green pastures, visitors get the opportunity to experience the joy and thrill of horse riding, polo, and indulge in a number of other farm related activities. 

For those interested in learning the fine art of horse riding and eventually playing the sport of polo, Zacky Farms has a Horse Riding Training School that can help you learn how to ride like a professional. Here is a quick look at the packages for aspiring horse riders:

  • Trot Package :

WikiHow may give you step by step instructions on almost everything, but everyone knows that to really learn something, you need to get on the horse. At Zacky Farms, we provide instruction on trotting in a variety of styles. As this style of riding needs close supervision and expert instruction, you will be paired with an experienced rider. Here is the trotting package available at Zacky Farms 

Duration: 20 Days
Charges: 15K
Session Time: 60 Minutes
Trotting is not that difficult, all you need is a little time, effort and the right instruction.

  • Canter Package

If you are looking for something more advance than basic trotting, the controlled, three-beat gait of the horse, known as canter, is something you might be interested in. Here at Zacky Farms, you can learn this under the supervision of experienced instructors.

Duration: 60 Days
Charges: 45K
Session Time: 60 Minutes

Per Session
Duration: 1 Day 
Charges: Rs. 1000
Session Time: 60 Minutes

Zacky Farms Polo Club also provide boarding services (for horses), arrangements for polo matches and polo training.

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