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Haris Tahir, Muhammad Ajmal rules opening day of 12th NBP Ranking C’ship

Unseeded duo of Haris Tahir and Muhammad Ajmal set aside two seeded players on the opening day of the 12th National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) Ranking Snooker Championship which cued off at the bank’s sports complex, Karachi.


The opening day matches of 12th NBP Ranking Snooker Championship– 2020 has seen every single thing in the games whether it’s about potting, planting snooker, break building or the safety, everything has summed up on this day.

The day ended in a blaze of glory for unseeded Muhammad Ajmal of Punjab who coasted to a thrilling 4-3 victory over a four-time title holder and a third seeded Asjad Iqbal of NBP at NBP Sports Club, Karachi.

Another major upset of the day was seen between unseeded Haris Tahir of NBP, a former Asian under-21 runner-up, and 8th seeded Ali Haider of Punjab where Haris after losing first frame bounced back strongly to win the encounter by 4-2.

Day 1st Matches Result:

HarisTahir (NBP)
Ali Haider (Pjb)
4-2 (2-79(65), 64-41(55), 69-17(68), 53-65, 80-0, 44-35)
Muhammad Ajmal (Pjb)
defAsjad Iqbal (NBP)
4-3 (68-67, 46-57, 12-60, 38-73, 75-46, 68-11, 71-38)
Muhammad Naseem Akhtar (NBP)
defMuhammad Umer Khan (Pjb)
4-0 (65-35, 79-39, 77-09, 70-18)
Sharjeel Mehmood (Kp)defHamza Akbar (Pjb)4-3 (45-56, 57-58, 81-27, 69-26, 60-29, 12-63, 58-02)
Muhammad Ijaz (Pjb)defAgha Bilawal (Sindh)4-1 (77-45, 65-42, 49-67, 62-22, 88-51)
Muhammad Asif (NBP)def Umer Farooq (Pjb)4-1 (102-0, 96-25, 01-67, 125-0(78), 90-6(82)
Shahid Aftab (Pjb)defSheikh Muhammad Mudassir (Pjb)4-0 (56-25, 65-15(65), 56-49, 65-59)
uhammad Bilal (Pjb)def
Muhammad Ali (Sindh)
4-0 (84-36(73), 69-30(50), 75-23, 63-27)
Muhammad Saleem (Kp)
defMuhammad Asif Toba (Pjb) 4-0 (78-41, 67-17(58), 66-46, 68-26)
Muhammad Ahsan Javaid (Pjb)defAli Hamza (Sindh)
 4-0 (68-3, 63-5, 57-12, 65-14)
Zulfiqar A. Qadir (Sindh)
defM. Jawed Ansari (Sindh)4-1 (1-0, 60-56, 64-14, 20-62, 83-0)
Muhammad Sajjad (NBP)defAbdul Sattar (Sindh)4-0 (84-0(84), 67-38, 101-0(53), 71-14)
Mubashir Raza (Pjb)defZubair Tahir (Pjb)4-0 (80-0(79), 80-7(67), 58-19, 86-01)

Day 1 Remaining Matches:

  • Babar Masih (Pjb) V/S Muhammad Majid Ali (NBP)
  • AhsanRamzan (Pjb) V/S Saad Khan (Kp)

30th September Fixtures:

  • Muhammad Naseem Akhtar (NBP) V/S Sharjeel Mehmood (Kp)
  • Rana Irfan (Pjb) V/S Muhammad Umer Khan (Pjb)
  • Ali Haider (Pjb) V/S Agha Bilawal (Sindh)
  • Aakash Rafique (Kp) V/S HarisTahir (NBP)
  • Mubashir Raza (Pjb) V/S Saad Khan (Kp)
  • Ahsan Ramzan (Pjb) V/S Zubair Tahir (Pjb)
  • Zulfiqar A. Qadir (Sindh) V/S Ali Hamza (Sindh)
  • Muhammad Sajjad (NBP) V/S Muhammad Majid Ali (NBP)
  • Muhammad Bilal (Pjb) V/S Sheikh Muhammad Mudassir (Pjb)
  • Hamza Akbar (Pjb) V/S Muhammad Umer Khan (Pjb)
  • Rana Irfan (Pjb) V/S Sharjeel Mehmood (Kp)
  • Muhammad Ijaz (Pjb) V/S HarisTahir (NBP)
  • Aakash Rafique (Kp) V/S Agha Bilawal (Sindh)

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