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Islamabad Club Challenge Cup

Islamabad Polo Club is organizing the Islamabad Club Challenge Cup at Islamabad Polo club ground. Total five teams are participating in the tournament which includes 4 Horseman Asean, Security 2000, Shahtaj Asean, Boquival and KB/Rizvi.

20-03-20184:30 PM4 Horseman Asean VS Security 2000 Raja Arslan & Umair Shah4 Horseman Asean def Security 2000 by 9 ½ - 6 goals.
21-03-20183:30 PMShahtaj Asean VS Boquivalhamza & Raza Akram Shahtaj Asean def Boquival by 10-6 goals.
4:45 PMSecurity 2000 VS KB/RizviMatias & Col Nadeem Raja KB/Rizvi def Security 2000 by 9½- 6 goals.
23-03-20183:30 PMShahtaj Asean VS Boquival Shauket Malik & Eulogio Shahtaj Asean def Boquival scored by 16-9 goals.
4:45 PM4 Horseman Asean VS KB/Rizvi Hashim Asad & COl Nadeem Raja KB/Rizvi def 4 Horseman Asean by 10-5 goals. 
25-03-20184:30 PMFinalTBA 

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