Event Details

Millat Governors Cup Golf

34th Millat Tractors Governors Cup Golf Tournament will be contested from 27th October to 29th October at the historic Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course. Historically this championship was created and launched over three decades back. Because of its special nature, the Governors Cup Golf Championship has ingrained a permanent place for itself in the golfing arenas of Pakistan.

Golfers will participate in 5 different categories:

            Category                        No.of Participants

  1. Amateurs                                    95
  2. Seniors                                        74
  3. Veterans                                      46
  4. Ladies                                          19
  5. Juniors                                          08

Mr. Isfandyar Khan is the defending champion of the event.

Other winners of the past decade are:

            Name                                                        Year

  1. Mohsen Zafar                                           2015
  2. Hamza Mansoor                                      2014
  3. Qasim Khan                                             2013
  4. Mr.Mohsen Zafar                                     2012
  5. Mr.Asad Zia                                             2011
  6. Sardar Muhammad Ahmed Leghari     2010
  7. Muhammad Nasir Irshad                       2009
  8. Mohsen Zafar                                         2008
  9. Waleed Zubir                                         2007

Event News

  • At the end of 54 holes on the the third and final day of 34th Millat Tractors Governor's Cup Golf Tournament ultimate winner, Robin Bagh of Millat Equipment had an aggregate score of 210, net six under par (74+68+68) while out of his three nearest rivals and strong contenders,...

  • The Governors Cup Golf Tournament will start from 27th October to 29th October at the historic Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course. The tournament is opportunity for the talented and upcoming golfers who seek to establish their names in the competitive golfing arena to become...