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Shehroze Kashif


  • Makra Peak (3885m)—Age 11
  • Musa KaMussala (4080m)—Age 12
  • Chambra Oeak (4600m)—Age 12
  • Mangliksar Shimshal (6050m)—Age 13
  • Gondogoro La K2 Base Camp (5585m)—Age 14
  • Khurdopin Pass (5890m)—Age 15
  • Broad Peak (8047m)—Age 17
  • Khusar Gang-Alpine Style (6050m)—Age 18
  • Mount Everest ( 8849m)—Age 19

Shehroze Kashif's Profile

Age (Years):   21
Sport:   Mountaineering
City:   Lahore
Weight(Kgs):   70
Height:   7'6''

The karakoram Club


An enthusiastic Pakistani climber—Shehroze Kashif belongs to Lahore.

Shehroze has started climbing at the age of just 11 from 3000m and took his passion to the next stage by reaching 4000 and then 6000 and then to 8000.

His expedition to the Broad Peak (8047m) earned him the title “The Broad Boy” .

At the age of 19 year, Shehroze Kashif becomes the youngest Pakistani to climb Mount Everest (8849 m) as a part of Seven Summit Treks - Everest Expedition 2021.

His successful summit has set an example of conquering the selves through uphill thoughts and has definitely created a spark for mountaineering.

Shehroze has received highly technical and professional mountaineering training (Level 3/ Alpine style). He has all the physical, emotional, and psychological prerequisites for becoming a world class mountaineer In Sha Allah.

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