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Zain Ul Abideen


UNDER 23 Gold Medalist
UNDER 21 Gold Medalist
Shabab Milli Gold Medalist
National Gold Silver Medalist
KP Gold Medalist (6 Times)

Zain Ul Abideen's Profile

Age (Years):   23
Sport:   Martial Arts
City:   Peshawar
Weight(Kgs):   50
Height:   5'8''

KP Shinkyokushinkai Karate & Fitness Center

khyber Pakhtunkhwa Karate Team


Zain Ul Abideen is an International Full Contact Karate Coach and National Player. He belongs to a popular and the sixth-largest city of Pakistan, Peshawar.

He is a Office Secretary of KP Full Contact Karate Association (SHINKYOKUSHINKAI).

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