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Rana Muhammad Qalb-e-Abbas


  • Bronze medalist of National Junior Athletics 2016.
  • Won 2 Gold ,2 Silver and 1 Bronze at Punjab Olympics 2017.
  • Won 2 Gold,1 silver and 2 Bronze at Punjab Olympics 2018.
  • Won Bronze at Punjab University intercollegiate 2017.
  • Won Bronze at Inter Board Athletics Championship 2017.
  • Won the title of "Second Fastest Man of Lahore"

Rana Muhammad Qalb-e-Abbas's Profile

Age (Years):   23
Sport:   Athletics
City:   Lahore
Weight(Kgs):   60
Height:   5'7''

  • Pakistan Athletics(National Team)
  • Pakistan WAPDA (Departmental Team)


Rana Muhammad Qalb-e-Abbas is a prominent National Junior Athlete, belongs from Pakistan's second-largest city, Lahore.

He represents Pakistan WAPDA at national events. Rana passed out his matriculation from Crescent Kids Campus(C.K.C).

He is a very competitive athlete but currently going through the knee injury.

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