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Ramadan Cup Basketball Tournament Begins on Thursday

The women’s tournament will feature 12 teams.

All Pakistan 3×3 Ramadan Cup Basketball Tournament will roll into action on Thursday at Pakistan Sports Complex Islamabad.

According to Federal Basketball Association Secretary Ouj-e-Zahoor, several basketball clubs and departments from around the country are participating in the event.

He said the tournament would be played under floodlights. “The tournament will help showcase the growing talent in three distinct categories including the Men’s Departmental Tournament, Club Tournament for men and the Women’s Tournament,” he said in a statement.

Ouj said the men’s departmental tournament would see fierce competition among 12 teams from prestigious departments including Wapda, Army, Navy and Police.

Meanwhile, the Club Tournament is expected to be a grand affair with 48 teams from various cities across Pakistan competing for the top spot.

The women’s tournament will feature 12 teams, highlighting the growing interest and participation of women in basketball.

Ouj E Zahoor said that this year’s 3×3 Ramadan Cup was more than just a tournament. “It is a celebration of basketball and its rapidly growing format, 3×3, which has been gaining international acclaim and popularity. The event is set to provide a significant boost to the sport’s visibility and interest among the youth and sports enthusiasts across Pakistan,” he added.

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