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Askari Alfaz register an easy win over Usman Club in 4th Essa Lab Basketball Tournament

Askari Alfaz defeated Usman Club by 49-41 to win the first match of the fourth day of 4th Essa Lab Basketball Tournament which is being played at Abdul Nasir Courts in Arambagh, Karachi.


The opening match on the 4th day of Essa Laboratories Basketball Tournament 2019, was played between Askari Alfaz and Usman Club where Askari Alfaz quiet convincingly defeated their opponents with the final score of 49-41.

Shahmir Zaheer, Assam Hussain and Usama were the top scorers in their teams' victory with each scoring 15, 12 and 10 points, respectively. While Humayun Aslam collected 11 points alongside his team-mates, Shariq Suleman and Faizan Yousuf who scored 10 points each for the losing side. 

Omega Club chalked up another win in a tough contest against Neighbourhood Club which ended with the final score line of 49-46. Abbas Abid Qaimkhani scored the game-high 19 points, guiding other players of his side as well. Usman Rehman and Anas assisted with 14 and 12 points each. 

For the losing side, Umar (13), Hamad N. D. Khan (10) and Sami (10), tried their best to earn their team the win but eventually failed to do so.

The third and final match of the day between Nishter Club and One Unit Club was a high scoring affair where Nisther Club prevailed 58-54.

Nishter Club had to struggle Tashfeen of the opposing team as he kept scoring to keep his team in the contest scoring 22 points in total but Talha Amjad alongside Shabbar poured in 20 and 18 points respectively to seal a win for Nishter Club. 

Kashif Sarwari was another player of One Unit Club to try his best with 16 points in a losing effort.  

4th Essa Laboratories Basketball Tournament is being organized by Karachi Basketball Association (KBBA) in collaboration with Essa Laboratories at Abdul Nasir Courts in Arambagh, Karachi. 

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