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Islamabad Tigers and Ustad Asalm Roda club were declared winners of the 1st Indoor Hockey Tournament.

Islamabad Tigers defeated Faisal Club in Men's final while Ustad Aslam Roda Club defeated Diva United in the women final of the 1st Invitational, 20-20 Indoor Hockey Tournament. 

The finals were played at the Sports Complex, Rodham Hall, Islamabad. First the women final was between Diva United and Ustad Aslam Roda club. 

Both the teams displayed exceptional display throughout the match. First goal was scored by Sahil of Ustad Aslam Roda Club to break the dead lock. Aslam Roda started to dominate after scoring the goal but then Ashfeen of Diva United scored to make the scoreline 1-1. 

Both the teams showed great display of hockey. Later Sahil of Ustad Aslam Roda Club again scored to get a lead for her team. She produced a clean finish to score a beautiful goal. 

Ustad Aslam Roda Club started to play defensively after getting the lead. Diva united tried hard to end opponents lead but Ustad Aslam Roda Club girls played all their heart our to defend till the final minute. 

At the final whistle the match was ended 2-1 in favor of Ustad Aslam Roda club and they were declared winner of the first official PHF indoor tournament. 

In the men's semi final, Islamabad Tigers and Faisal Club fought for the title. The match produced some exceptional display from both the teams. Both the teams played all their heart out to win the tournament. 

Soon after the match, Essa of Faisal club broke the dead lock by putting a neat finish. Islamabad Tigers tried hard to equalise after conceding but Faisal Club players defended really well. But it was not enough when Zaqar of Islamabad Tigers scored a brilliant goal to equalise the scoreline by 1-1. 

Both the teams started to attack against each other but the defenders didn't allow any of the player to finish. 4 minutes before the end of the match, Abdul Rehman of Tigers Club scored a thriller to give his team the lead. At the final whistle the score stands at 2-1 in favor of Islamabad Tigers.

As soon as the match finished Islamabad Tigers started to celebrate. They thanked the crowd by waving them for the support. 

The closing ceremony was held in which renowned players and officials took part. PHF president Khalid Sajjad, Secretery PHF Shahbaz Senior, DG PSB Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera and Olympian Usman and Islamabad Hockey federation member Malik Rab Nawaz were present for the closing ceremony. 

The prizes were distributed among the winners, runners up, best player and best goal keeper. President PHF Khalid Sajjad thanked Managers for putting up an impressive tournament. He said that board will fully cooperate and sponsor such events in future. 

Such type of tournaments should be arranged for the promotion of hockey in the future. The credit goes to the Tigers hockey club for organizing such tournament. 

Other managers Mr.Shafqat Hussain Malik ,Mr.Aamir Sulaman tournament director, Ms.Nelma. Hussain T-O, Mr.M.Junaid Mir Asst media manager, Mr.Mushtaq Ahmed, Mr.Zulfiqar Shah, Mr.Hassan Akhar Rasool,T-O, Mr.Bilal Shabbir judge, the founder chairman of South Asian Sports Journalists Association and Mr.Asghar Ali put all their hearts to successfully organize the tournament. 

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