The City School PAF & Dapes Sea View romp to big wins in 10th Culligan Girls Throwball Tournament openers

The City School PAF and Dapes Sea View teams, along with several other teams, emerged winners on the opening day of 10th Culligan Girls Throwball Tournament which is being held at The City School PAF Chapter in Karachi.


The 2019 Culligan Girls Throwball Tournament commenced here at The City School PAF Chapter in Karachi where as many as 106 schools teams were seen competing with all their might so as to emerge winners in their respective categories. 

The tournament will be directed as per the Rules of the Pakistan Throwball Federation® (PTF) and International Throwball Federation (ITF) and is being played on league basis.

Feature 5 grade categories are:

1. Sub-Junior 4th to 6th grade, 

2. Junior 7th to 9th grade,

3. O-Level and Metric 10th to 11th,

4. A Level 10th to 13th and

5. University Level.

The matches begin with Sub Juniors (Grade 4 to 6) category where the first encounter was claimed by The City School PAF where the team convincingly won on 2-0 sets against The City D.K Campus. While the second match witnessed Fatimiyah School team's win over Wahaj Hussain’s School also on the final score of 2-0 sets. 

The City D.K Campus then faced Wahaj Hussain’s School in the third clash where the team from City D.K Campus once again won by 2-0 sets easily. The further, Fatimiyah School compete against The City D.K Campus, where it made The City D.K Campus fall on 2-0 sets. 

Other results into the same category:

The City School PAFbeatWahaj Hussain’s2-0 
A. Civitaz Schoolbeat DAPS sea View2-0
DAPS sea View beat Heque Academy2-0
A.Civitaz Schoolbeat Aga Khan Kharadar2-1
Heque Academybeat A.Cvitaz School2-0
Heque Academy beat Aga Khan Kharadar2-0
 Generations Schoolbeat The Smart NNC 2-0
Mama Baby Care PECHSbeat Shahwiyalat School 22-0
 Aga Khan Gardan beat Mama Baby Care PECHS2-0
 Aga Khan Gardan  beat Shahwiyalat School 22-0

The teams that have qualified to the quarter finals are:

1st: The City School PAF Chapter A-Pool Winner V/s Smart NNC School Runner Pool-C
2nd: Dapes Sea View B-Pool Winner V/s Mama Baby care Runner Pool-D
3rd: Generation's School C-Pool Winner V/s Fatmiyah School Runner Pool-A

Among several teams that competed in the Junior (Grade 7 to 9) Pool-A and Pool-C competitions Karachi Grammar School and Nixor School have qualified for the quarter finals of their respective category. 

While from O'Level and Matric Pool-A and Pool-C matches, The City School DK and Haque Academy have booked their place in the quarter finals and Becounhouse Defense and Becounhouse Jahar Campus from Pool C have made it to the quarter final stage of their respective category. A'Levels' Pool-A and Pool-B quarter finalists are yet to be decided. 

University Level Pool-C and Pool-D results:

Habib University BbeatAga Khan Youth and Sports2-0
 Habib University Bbeat IoBM’ University2-0
IoBM’ Universitybeat Aga Khan Youth and Sports 2-0
IQRA University beat Setrim Team2-0
IQRA Universitybeat Zabist University2-0
Zabist Universitybeat  Etrim Team2-0

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