Moiz Baig overpower 8-time national champion Waseem to win National Scrabble title

Moiz Ullah Baig made a fantastic return to win the title of national champion by winning the 30th Pakistan National Scrabble Championship at Lincoln Corner, Karachi.

Moizullah Baig, former World Youth Champion, stunned reigning national champion Waseem Khatri, to win the Signature 30th Pakistan National Scrabble Championship at Lincoln Corner, Karachi. 

Moiz seemed nowhere in contention at the end of round 20; three wins behind the leader Waseem Khatri. The 21-year-old then recomposed himself and launched a spectacular ascend to the top winning all of the remaining seven matches including the last two against Waseem in the king-of-the-hill format.

This is the first national title for Moiz and he managed to retain the No. 1 ranking at the end of the season.

It was an utter heartbreak for the eight-time national champion Waseem Khatri who looked comfortably placed to regain his lost title before Moiz’s incredible comeback. Waseem finished second with 19 wins to Moiz’s 20.
Young Hassan Hadi maintained his form, never dropping out of the top five and finished third with 18 wins.

The player finishing next to Hassan was not his twin brother but his 13-year-old sibling Hasham Hadi who surprised everyone with some sterling display of vocabulary and tactical skills. He is the youngest player ever to finish in the top five at the nationals.

Jawed Shamim and M. Inayatullah finished in the money remaining fifth and sixth, respectively while the defending champion Sohaib Sanaullah finished seventh followed by Ali Rashid, Daniyal Sanaullah and Taha Mirza.

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