Highlanders Football Academy

The main mission of the Highlanders family is to provide a platform for the youth to get engaged into sports and avoid other negative aspects of the society like drugs, violence and other major crimes.

Aims and Objective:

 Engaging youth in physical and moral education with the aim to reduce the growing rate of social disorder in the society.

  • Identify the skills of players and polish the art they possess.
  • Providing opportunities to the players for the future at national and international level.
  • Providing psychological and physical training to the players.
  • A well-organized setup with trainers having expertise in the field of soccer, fitness and all related fields.
  • To develop cultural harmony among youth.
  • To develop self-confidence among youth.
  • To represent the positive image of Pakistan at an international level.


Highlanders Family is a fully incorporated non-profit sport organization with the sole purpose of fostering the development of high performance soccer in the community. The Highlanders organization was established in 2009 with the aim of getting the youth engaged into sports and other positive activities. This organization mostly focuses on the youth of northern (Gilgit, Baltistan and Chitral) region of the country. The club originally just focused on the game of football, but throughout the years the club has expanded. Now a days the club has a football academy where the youth can learn football skills and can continue to grow as a football player. The club has also branched out into the sport of Polo where they can now come play that sport as well.


The motivation behind starting this club came from the founder and CEO seeing the youth playing football. They were such good football players but they had no support to continue and grow with the sport. From that conclusion this club was formed. To help the youth grow with sport and better learn the skills of the sport.


  • . Safdar Balawar CEO and founder of highlanders family
  • Raja Nazeem Ul Amin President of Highlanders Family
  • Ebraheem Ali Manger for Highlanders FC
  • Murtaza Coach Highlanders Academy
  • Aisarali Balawar Manager for Highlanders Acadamy
  • Raja Arfad Manager for Highlanders polo club
  • Tariq Raheem khan Event manager
  • Mustafa Human Resource Coordinator
  • Nekhalo waqas media manager
  • Adnan Guddu, Consultant highlander family
  • Baqir Ali Khan Logistic Assistant

Contact Information:

Contact Person:
Safdar Balawar ( chairman)

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