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Pakistan Faces Jordan in Crucial FIFA World Cup Qualifier 2nd Leg

Pakistan eyes for improved show against Jordan.

Pakistan's football team prepares to face their opponents at the Amman International Stadium in the 2nd leg against Jordan. Pakistan suffered a 3-0 defeat in their previous encounter at the Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad earlier this week. Despite the loss, Pakistan showed resilience by creating chances and limiting Jordan's goal-scoring opportunities.

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The upcoming match, scheduled for Tuesday at midnight, holds significant importance for both teams in the 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers second round Group G. With Pakistan aiming for redemption, Coach Stephen Constantine's squad underwent rigorous training ahead of the crucial fixture, emphasizing the need to restrict Jordan's attacking prowess while seeking opportunities to land goals themselves.

Currently, at the bottom of the group standings with three losses, Pakistan faces an uphill battle against a formidable Jordanian side. However, with two teams advancing to the third round of qualifiers, Pakistan remains determined to showcase a better performance in Amman and keep their World Cup hopes alive.

Jordan, led by coach Hussein Ammouta, aims to secure a second-place finish in the group standings, capitalizing on their home advantage to secure crucial points against Pakistan. However, Pakistan will face challenges with key defensive players Mohammad Fazal and Abdullah Iqbal unavailable due to injury and suspension, respectively.

Despite the setbacks, Coach Stephen Constantine remains optimistic about Pakistan's progress, acknowledging the team's improvement and determination displayed in their previous match against Jordan. As the rematch approaches, Pakistan strives to deliver a commendable performance and strive for a positive result against their formidable opponents in Amman.

Pakistan's Squad: Goalkeepers: Yousuf Butt, Saqib Hanif, Abdul Basit, Hassan Ali; Defenders: Easah Suliman), Abdullah Iqbal, Mamoon Musa, Haseeb Khan, Mohammad Saddam, Mohammad Sohail, Rao Omar, Mohammad Fazal, Mohammad Adeel; Midfielders: Rahis Nabi, Harun Hamid, Alamgir Ghazi, Rajab Ali, Ali Uzair, Shayek Dost, Abdul Samad; Forwards: FareedUllah, Waleed Khan, Imran Kayani, Adeel Younis.

Jordan Squad: Yazid Abu Laila, Ahmed Al-Jaidi, Abdullah Al-Fakhouri, Yazan Al-Arab, Baraa Marhi, Anas Bani Yassin, Saad Al-Rousan, Ihsan Haddad, Firas Shalbaya, Salem Al-Ajalin, Mahmoud Shawkat, Nizar Al-Rashdan, Ibrahim Saada, Nour Al-Rawabdeh, Rajai Ayed, Youssef Abu Jalbush, Saleh Ratib, Mahmoud Mardi, Muhammad Abu Rizk, Ali Alwan, Muhammad Abu Zureiq “Sharara”, Musa Al-Taamari, and Yazan Al-Naimat.

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