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Jamna Bheel


  • Elected from Engro to Perform in USA. Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company

Jamna Bheel's Profile

Age (Years):   15
Sport:   Football
City:   Takhtbai
Weight(Kgs):   39
Height:   4'11''

Diya Women Football Club


This is Jamna Bheel a younger girl from Tharparker, Sindh.

Currently, she's a student of Thar Foundation school and previously, as part of TF’s extra-curricular initiative. 

Jamna has participated in the Inter-District Female Football Tournament – organized by TF in collaboration with Diya Football Club – and has also represented her country in Gothia Football World Cup in China in 2019 with the support of Thar Foundation.

She Performed very well to Play Football as a Topper. Now, she is chosen from Engro_Thar (SECMC) to perform in United State of America (USA).

She will be representing Thar, Sindh, Pakistan in the streets of the USA.

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