Huma Football Club

Huma Football Club is a leading and well known club in Islamabad.

The main mission of the Huma Football Club is to provide a platform for the youth to get engaged into sports and avoid other negative aspects of the society like drugs, violence and other major crimes.

Aims and Objective:

  • Engaging youth in physical and moral education with the aim to reduce the growing rate of social disorder in the society.
  • Identify the skills of players and polish the art they possess.
  • Providing opportunities to the players for the future at national and international level.
  • Providing psychological and physical training to the players.
  • A well-organized setup with trainers having expertise in the field of soccer, fitness and all related fields.
  • To develop cultural harmony among youth.
  • To develop self-confidence among youth.
  • To represent the positive image of Pakistan at an international level.

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