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Peshawar Model School Sports Olympiad 2019

Peshawar Model School tested the limits and skills of their students in The Battle of Champions which had students from various campus of Peshawar Model Schools that showcased tremendous efforts at Peshawar Model School Sports Olympiad 2019. 

The skilled students featured in a total of eight (8) different sports events which included: Football, Basketball, Badminton, Futsal, Table Tennis, Tug of War, 100 Meter Race and Volleyball.

Students from several standards were seen competing with all their might to collect wins in their respective sport.

The competitions were held at two different venues within Peshawar as Boys had their competitions conducted at City University while Girls had their games played at Peshawar Model School Girls II.

For more information contact this given landline number: 091-2609695, Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) or E-mail at: [email protected]

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