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Mohammed Zahid Sharif


Ather is the first and only Pakistani to receive professional wrestling training from an American wrestler, has made significant strides in the world of sports entertainment.

Mohammed Zahid Sharif's Profile

Age (Years):   28
Sport:   Wrestling
City:   Rawalpindi
Weight(Kgs):   84
Height:   6'5''

Pakistan Wrestling Federation
Ring Of Pakistan
Saudi Professional Wrestling
Revolution Eastern Wrestling

Mohammed Zahid Sharif, also known by his ring name Ather Zahid, is the first-ever Saudi-born Pakistani professional wrestler.

Ather was born in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, and received his training from the American former WWE superstar, known as Kalisto.

Upon his entry into professional wrestling in 2018, Ather swiftly captured the spotlight with his imposing demeanor and exceptional athleticism, captivating audiences from the outset.

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