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Aurangzaib Khan


Tennis Coaching Level 1.
Australian Workshop

Aurangzaib Khan's Profile

Age (Years):   55
Sport:   Tennis
City:   Islamabad
Weight(Kgs):   80
Height:   5'9''

Pakistan Junior
Pakistan Senior

Aurangzaib Khan is one of the most prolific coaches Pakistan Tennis has ever produced. His Family has been liked to tennis for ages. He has played many Future Tournaments and Satellite tournaments across the globe. 

Aurgzaib work as an independent coach right now and he is giving training to his brother Shahzad Khan and his kid Sami Zaib. 

Auranzaib has helped many tennis players to achieve their dreams. He trained two Davis Cup player, Usman Ejaz and Shahzad khan. 

He trained two senior women player i.e Mehar Kokhar and Sarah Manzoor. 

He is coaching Shahzad Khan who is now Pakistan no.2 at this time.

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