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PSGMEA Plans to Establish First Tennis Ball Manufacturing Plant in Sialkot

The establishment of the tennis ball manufacturing plant promotes local industry and will reduce dependency on imports, contributing to economic growth.

Arshad Latif Butt, Chairman of the Pakistan Sports Goods Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PSGMEA) announced the establishment of the first-ever tennis ball manufacturing plant in Sialkot, renowned as the city of sports. Currently, tennis balls are imported from Indonesia and China, but the new plant aims to reduce imports and boost exports to other countries, contributing to increased foreign exchange.

During a press conference, Arshad Latif Butt said that the Export Development Fund (EDF) has released funds amounting to Rs 93.586 million for the tennis ball manufacturing plant. The initiative is expected to commence soon, providing employment opportunities for the local youth.

Chairman Butt emphasized the association's efforts to strengthen connections between business and academia through the PSGMEA platform. He highlighted the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with educational institutions, including Gift University, aiming to benefit both the industry and students by fostering skilled youth.

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