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PTF’s National Training Centre achieves ITF White Recognition Status

The National Training Centre (NTC) in Islamabad has been officially recognized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) at the White Level.

The Pakistan Tennis Federation's National Training Centre, which was inaugurated in 2019 and serves as the national tennis academy, has met all the necessary criteria to attain the prestigious ITF White Recognition status. This recognition signifies that the NTC in Islamabad meets the quality standards set by the ITF for tennis training centers worldwide.

The ITF recognition comes after a thorough review of the facility based on established criteria and standards set by the ITF, according to a press release.

Executive Director of Development at the ITF, Luca Santilli, congratulated the PTF on achieving this milestone and formally recognized the Pakistan National Training Centre at the White level for four years, starting from the 27th of February 2024 until the 26th of February 2028.

President of PTF, Aisam ul Haq Qureshi, and former President Salim Saifullah Khan expressed their gratitude to the ITF and Santilli for acknowledging the PTF’s NTC. They also commended Head Coach NTC Asim Shafik, National Development Director, and the entire NTC team for their efforts in planning and implementing the program as well as all the coaches and players associated with the NTC.

Qureshi further emphasized the importance of expanding the NTC and improving the program to benefit even more players in the future. The achievement of the ITF White recognition status is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the PTF in developing tennis talent in Pakistan.

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