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Sumail Hassan


Winner:Dota's The International (2015)

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Age (Years):   25
Sport:   ESports
City:   Karachi
Weight(Kgs):   60
Height:   5'10''

Evil Geniuses
Evil Geniuses (EG) 2015-Present

Syed Sumail Hussan,more renowned by his username "Suma1L" or "B-Rabbit" is a professional Dota Player who was born in Karachi but his family moved to America in 2012.He is the youngest gamer to surpass the earning mark of 1 million dollars by achieving the milestone at the age of 16.After his move to America,he escalated onto the professional scene with the team "Evil Geniuses" and he is the 5th highest earning E-gamer as of March 2016.

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