Player Profile

Asma Bint-e-Khalid


2019: Gold Medal (DMC east mini Olympics)
2019: Gold Medal(Karachi City sports association)
2019: 3rd position (1st Sindh archery championship)
2018: 3rd position (1st Pakistan customs archery cup)
2020: 3rd Position (PEC Sindh indoor Archery)
2020: Coached students of The City School.

Asma Bint-e-Khalid's Profile

Age (Years):   21
Sport:   Archery
City:   Karachi
Weight(Kgs):   41
Height:   5'3''

Pyswa Sports Club
Pakistan Youth Sports Welfare Association (Pyswa)


Asma Bint-e-Khalid is a disciplined archery player that belongs to Karachi. 

She has participated in many tournaments and won various laurels. She plays for Pakistan Youth Sports Welfare Association (PYSWA).

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