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Jinnah Stadium Floodlights Ready for Pakistan vs. Saudi Arabia Showdown

300 seats for the VIP area are installing also underway.

In the recent development for football enthusiasts, the installation of floodlights at Jinnah Stadium has been completed just in time for the Pakistan men’s national football team’s pivotal match against Saudi Arabia in Group G of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers Round 2, scheduled for June 6.

With a total of 225 floodlights now illuminating the stadium, FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) requirements have been met, ensuring optimal visibility during matches.

The Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) had committed to installing the floodlights before the clash in Islamabad, and they have successfully delivered on their promise. This timely accomplishment is a positive step forward for football in the country.

However, the installation process faced delays following the previous match between Cambodia and Pakistan at Jinnah Stadium. Consequently, the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) had to request three extensions from FIFA for the venue submission deadline for the subsequent match against Jordan.

Earlier this year, tensions between the Pakistan Sports Board and the Haroon Malik-led PFF led to uncertainties regarding the venue. Despite these challenges, work on the floodlights persisted, ensuring they were ready for the upcoming fixtures.

Furthermore, efforts are underway to enhance the stadium's seating arrangements by installing approximately 300 seats in the VIP area.

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