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From selling boiled eggs to professional skier-12 year-old Azra Bibi!

Twelve-year-old Azra, who communicates with others by sign language, is one of the most promising skier at the Malam Jabba ski training school.

This is the story of a little girl with big dreams. Even though she is hearing and speech impaired, she did not let these hurdles get in the way of pursuing her passion.

Little Azra, along with her brother Hamza used to sell boiled eggs to tourists at a ski resort in Malam Jabba. It was then when she discovered her true desire and interest to ski.

Azra, who communicates with family members by sign language, is one of the most promising talents at the Malam Jabba ski training school. 

Being bound financially, her family could not afford to buy her proper equipment. Her brother, Hamza Khan, who is also a skier, in hopes of not letting his sister down, carved ski pedals and boards out of wood to help her practice the sport. 

Later on, she got herself enrolled in the Malam Jabba Ski School to polish her skiing skills as a professional.

Azra is now twelve years old and has overcome all barriers to become the best student at her ski training school. Sharif khan who is her coach has very high expectations from her and is sure that she will win upcoming competitions.

“she can neither hear, nor speak but she is learning how to ski very quickly and with ease.” Sharif said.

Azra has very high hopes of winning and making her family proud.

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