Salman Akhtar leads the way as Professional round of J.A Zaman Memorial Golf Tees off

Salman Akhar accumulated a two shot lead of J.A Zaman Memorial Open Golf Championship with the gross score of 68 as professionals finally teed off at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

Professional golfers of Pakistan teed off in J.A Zaman Memorial Open Golf Championship with Salman Akhtar leading the way after first day at the Lahore Gymkhana course.

Hamid Zaman, representing the J.A Zaman family, hit the opening shot to initiate action in the Professionals category of the grand event.

Under favourable conditions the up and coming golf professional of Lahore Gymkhana, Salman Akhtar, managed to shine in the first round of the four-round competition by displaying superb command over his game. 

All through the first eighteen holes, Salman played like a premier and illustrious golfer to compile a sparkling and illustrious score of gross 68, four under par after the first round.

Salman finished his round  bogie free and scored flamboyant birdies on holes 4, 8, 10 and 17, while fourteen holes were regulation pars.

Matloob Ahmed of Lahore Garrison was the closest rival at the top, finishing first round with gross 70, two under par two strokes behind the leader. 

Other accomplished champions in line for honors and lucrative cash prizes are Jafal Hussain (Gymkhana) at a score of gross 71, followed closely by Muhammad Shabbir, the number one ranked player at a score of gross 72. Also at 72 is Asher Masih (Gymkhana).

Watch Shabbir Iqbal at Hole no.9:

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