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Rampage FC earns the right to represent Pakistan at F5 World Championship 2019

Rampage FC of Lahore defeated Team Eighteen from Islamabad to earn the right for representing Pakistan in the upcoming F5 World Championship 2019 which would be played in Cape Town, South Africa.

The thrilling National final of F5WC Pakistan went down to the wire with Rampage Football Club from Lahore being crowned the F5WC Pakistan Champions who have now earned the right to represent Pakistan at the upcoming F5 World Championship 2019 which would begin its proceedings from next month in Cape Town, South Africa.  

After the city qualifiers across the six major cities of the country that included: Quetta, Peshawar, Islamabad, Mirpur AJK, Lahore and Karachi, qualified to moved to the National Finals, the six teams compete with all their might to as to emerge the sole team to feature in the 2019 F5 World Championship but as the semi-finals ended, the two finalist that came up front to compete in the grand finale stood Team Eighteen of Islamabad and Rampage Football Club from Lahore.

Islamabad and Lahore teams were aggressive enough in their game play at the final as both teams tried their best to give their all and put all their efforts on the line but as the match proceeded, with the final whistle blow; Rampage Football Club was declared the winner team that triumphed their opponents to earn this one in a lifetime opportunity. 

In 2019, Pakistan will be featuring at the F5WC for the first time and to ensure the best team to represent Pakistan in this world's largest amateur football tournament, F5WC Pakistan organized a nationwide tournament from which Rampage FC now stands as the national flag carrier for F5 World Championship.

F5 World Championship (F5WC) have been in conduction since 2014 and was consecutively hosted by Dubai for two years whose winners stood the teams from Denmark and Morocco, respectively. Bangkok and Beijing had the honors to host it in its third and fourth editions whose final victories were taken home by Colombia and USA, in the respective years while the last year winner was Argentina, event being hosted by Cape Town and so will be this time.

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