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Opportunity knocks at F5 World Championship 2019 trails in Lahore

F5WC Pakistan would be conducting trails for F5 World Championship 2019 in Lahore from 11 to 13 September at Ball Square Arena.

F5WC Pakistan have brought a chance for the local football talent of Pakistan to prove their mettle on an international platform i.e F5 World Championship 2019 for which trails in Lahore would be held from 11 to 13 September.   

These trials have been opened for all with no age limit. Lahore has been a hub for talented footballers as this city's skilled players have already represented Pakistan internationally and so it is highly likely that many more proficient players would come up front to take part in these trails. 

In the current year, it would be the first time that Pakistan will be featuring at the F5WC and to ensure the best team to represent Pakistan in this world's largest amateur football tournament, F5WC Pakistan have organized a nationwide tournament.

This nationwide tournament's first leg for the selection of a regional team was held in Peshawar where PAK Afghan Football Club have emerged as the regional champion to now have qualified for the regional finals. While two more regional winners stand as Quetta Sports and Seri Friends from Quetta and Mirpur Azad Kashmir, respectively.

That nationwide tournament is engaging over 250 teams across Pakistan to discover one true Team Pakistan who will be the national flag carrier at the World Championship in Cape Town, South Africa.

For further queries and registration purpose, this E-mail and given cell phone number can be contacted: and 0321-2291663.

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