Waqar ''Psycho'' Umar thrashes Chinese Zhao Zhi Kang in ONE Championship

Chinese veteran MMA artist Zhao Zhi Kang came in the ring with featherweight experience but Pakistani Waqar Umar chocked him to win the bout at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.

As the fight starts, Umar faced the harsh challenge of Zhao but the “Psycho” had a will to win and he smacked his Chinese opponent with Rear Nacked Choke (RNC) to win the match.

Chinese top grappler Zhao Zhi King came to fight against Waqar “Psycho” Umar in Iron Will with a batter record of 10-2 in the ONE championship. Zhao started with left kick and right but Waqar successfully defended himself.

Waqar Umar at the start of first round saved himself and lately he managed to get back the momentum of the fight in his favor as he finally find as position to apply Rear Naked Choke to Zaho in the final minute of round one and came out victorious at the One Championship. It was an emotional win for Umar. He captured his first victory in the promotion, over a prodigious martial artist no less, and proved he belongs on such an elite roster.

He was excited and delighted over his first victory and he applauded his teammates at Rogue Fitness and Martial Arts Academy and MMA Lahore. He thanked the entire nation for standing behind him during all the ups and downs.

His Manager and Director Prime Sports Management Mohammad Rizwan while talking to media has said that “It’s a biggest day in Waqar's professional career as he faced too much criticism”. Waqar was heavily criticized for losing couple of fights but after beating a much experienced MMA artist he gained his confidence back and came back to the winning track, Rizwan said.

“It’s not only a good day for Waqar’s MMA career but also a new era has starts for the Mixed Martial Arts in Pakistan” he added.

Waqar’s career Jahanzeb Rashad said that we made a plan to down Zhao and we successfully executed our plan and gained our desired result. Zhao successfully grounded his opponents by striking and takedowns in his previous fights he said but we submitted our plan effectively to win the fight, he concluded.

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