Jinnah Stadium Islamabad

The Jinnah Stadium is a well-maintain multi-purpose stadium residing in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is currently used for almost every sport and holds a seating capacity of 48,200 people with a 60 to 80 feat of height.  16 encounters and 500 VIP seats.

This stadium was built back in the 1970s and has a running synthetic track around its perimeter allowing athletics use along with football and hockey fields. 

It hosted 1989 South Asian Games, 2004 South Asian Games, 2005 South Asian Football Federation Gold Cup's semi-finals and finals and all the matches of 2014 SAFF Women's Championship along with Quaid E Azam Inter Provincial Youth Games in 2016 and 2017.

Facilities within: 
- 16 Number of Enclosure s with a capacity in each Enclosure being 3400 approximately
- Accommodation for 175 sportsmen
- Reception Office
- Meeting and Rest Room
- TV/Radio/Telex facilities
- Changing rooms
- Electronic Installation
- Light Control Room 
- Video Display and Electronic Score Board
- Sound Amplification System supplied with 139 speakers 

Contact Information:

Contact Person:
Deputy Director General(Admn) - PSB

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