Nameer Shamsi

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  • born:
    10 June 1994
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  • Pakistan Number 1 Under 13-16 (2008-2010)
  • World Junior Tennis representation for Pakistan
  • Junior Davis Cup representation for Pakistan
  • One year Diploma at Evert Tennis Academy
  • 4 year Scholar Athlete, Augusta University
  • Number one doubles player for Augusta University
  • Running Shamsi Tennis Academy in Karachi
  • Youngest Certified ITF Coach in Pakistan
  • Youngest Captain of the Under 14 Pakistan National Team

Nameer Shamsi, is a great example of unwavering discipline, commitment and persistence in the face of odds and inspires us to not settle for mediocrity. Nameer Shamsi is currently the Program Director and Founder at one of the top tennis academies in Pakistan, The Shamsi Tennis Academy.

He has pursued tennis since the age of 11, and was Pakistan’s Number 1 Tennis Player Under 13-16 between 2008-2010. He’s living his passion and we hope you find the courage to live your passions too.

Facebook: @shamsitennisacademy / @nameershamsi

Instagram: @shamsitennis / @nameershamsi