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PSB Initiates Floodlight Installation at Jinnah Stadium

FIFA gave three extensions, but the floodlights could not be installed in time for the match.


The Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has begun the installation of new floodlights at Jinnah Stadium, addressing prolonged delays that persisted since October's historic FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Round 1 victory against Cambodia. With Roberto Mancini's Saudi Arabia set to visit on June 6 for a crucial Group G clash in Round 2, expectation among Pakistani football fans is palpable.

Sources indicate that approximately 225 floodlights will be installed to meet FIFA and Asian Football Confederation (AFC) standards, ahead of an inspection by the delegation scheduled for April 6. While the cut-off date for venue submission is April 7, preparations are underway to accommodate VIP dignitaries with upgraded seating, potentially extending to around 300 seats.
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In November last year, the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee President, Haroon Malik indicated that the FIFA standard for floodlights in a stadium is 1800 lumens and requested the Pakistan Sports Board to install the floodlights for the national team’s FIFA Qualifier matches in March and June.

Muhammad Shahid Islam, Deputy Director General of PSB, oversees floodlight inspection and testing, signalling a concerted effort to meet international standards.

Earlier Pakistan was in danger of losing the hosting rights for the Jordan match the federation requested FIFA to give three extensions on the trot but still, the floodlights could not be installed in time for the match. Despite previous tussles between PSB and the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), the timely completion of installations remains a pivotal question.

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