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Pakistan Football Captain Calls for Massive Fan Turnout Against Jordan

Easah Suliman urges local supporters to pack the stadium as Pakistan faces Jordan in a FIFA World Cup qualifier, despite the challenges of hosting a day match during Ramadan.

Pakistan's football team captain, Easah Suliman, has called upon local supporters to turn out in large numbers as the team prepares to take on Jordan in a crucial 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier match on Thursday.

In a message, Suliman expressed his happiness at being back in Islamabad and provided an update on the team's training camp, mentioning their rigorous preparation despite his recent return from a league match in Azerbaijan.

While Pakistan has faced setbacks in the qualifier rounds, suffering defeats against Saudi Arabia and Tajikistan, Suliman's return from injury is expected to boost the team's morale. However, he emphasized the importance of fan support, especially during Ramadan, acknowledging the challenges of hosting a day match without adequate lighting facilities in Pakistani stadiums.

The Pakistan Football Federation's decision to host a day match underscores the significance of local support, despite the fasting obligations of both teams, highlighting the team's determination to secure victory against Jordan.

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