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PFF Announces Schedule for District Elections Amidst Stakeholder Concerns

The electoral process kicks off on March 04, with a three-day voting period commencing on March 09.

The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has revealed the comprehensive schedule for the upcoming 'District Elections,' marking a significant step in entrusting the management of the country's football affairs to the stakeholders.

In response to objections raised by multiple football clubs regarding their exclusion from the initial voter list, the PFF has diligently addressed the concerns, leading to a meticulous re-evaluation of the procedure. The final voter list, accommodating all eligible clubs, is set to be officially announced on March 03.

The electoral process is slated to proceed with the presentation of the preliminary candidate list on March 04, coinciding with the initiation of the appeals process, which will conclude on March 06. Subsequently, the appeals decision will be disclosed on March 07, accompanied by the unveiling of the Final Candidate list.

Highlighting transparency, the Pakistan Football Connect Program is scheduled to dispatch the Candidate List on March 08, paving the way for the commencement of the voting period on March 09. This crucial phase will extend over three days, from March 09 to 12, allowing stakeholders to actively participate in shaping the future of football governance in the country.

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