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Defending champions WAPDA and Army qualifies for National Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship 2019 final

The defending champions WAPDA are determine to win the title this time as well along with Army being their competitor in Ndure National Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship 2019 final which will be played at Nishtar Park Sports Complex in Lahore.


The first semi-final game was played between WAPDA and PAF teams in which the defending champions, WAPDA easy won over with their great skills in the sport and edge past PAF team by 3-0 that is 25-22, 25-21, 25-21. WAPDA team, having the side of international players in the team, soon discovered the PAF boys vulnerable game as the team was lacking in experience and was taking a lot of pressure which was imposed on them by the leading team's players. 

PAF players tried their best to name the victory to their side but WAPDA boys seemed too strong for the losing team as they were not just good with speed on the court but also their blocking and defence. It seemed too much for PAF lads to handle. Mohib Rasool, Murad Jehan and Amil Khan dominated the proceedings from the onset in the opening set with four straight points.

While for the losing side, Dawood, Ismail, Noman and Faisal tried their best to earn their team the final spot in the championship but even with their best of efforts, they were too weak in their performance as their wrong serves and wild smashes cost them to lose the championship's endgame position. 

Wrong positioning in the court and lack of cohesion made Navy team fall to Army as players from Navy team made Army boys struggle for the win.  It was a hard fought 25-22, 25-21, 25-21 (3-0) win for the Army team. The ones who tackled the tough time given to their team by the opponents were Haider and Anwar whose performance were remarkable throughout the game and made it even more thrilling when Army was declared the winner to book a spot in the final of the game. 

Now the defending champions, WAPDA and Army will face each other in the final game and Navy will be up against PAF in the playoff for third place in National Senior's Men Volleyball Championship 2019, which is hugely being sponsored by NDURE and is featuring a total of 14 teams belonging to different departments and provinces of the country. 

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