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Young Star Bajawar beat Hayatabad Champions 3-2 in Tabdeeli Football Cup 2019

Young Star Bajawar registered their very first win in Tabdeeli Football Cup 2019 by defeating the opponent team on a 3-2 score-line at Tehmash Khan Football Academy Ground in Peshawar.


The third match played into the mega football action; Tabdeeli Football Cup 2019 saw Young Star Bajawar and Hayatabad Champions football teams struggling to keep their control on the ball so as to earn their team the victory in the game but it was Young Stars' team who managed to earn a hard fought victory against their opponents on a close call of 3-2 goals. 

Young Stars’ boys played in their full compact and worked hard together with their best blocking game as well as with balanced attacking because the opponent team was also showing great foot skill on the ground with their unstoppable speed.

Therefore, they had to work hard to cause them enough damage of losing the game and made their players face the challenges tougher and tougher to them. 

Losing team did come through at times to make their way to the opponent team’s goal post but could not find the decisive final touch as the winning team’s goal keeper denied all their attempts by tackling the ball just fine.

FATA Olympic Association along with the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has organized the first ever mega football event which has been named as "Tabdeeli Football Cup 2019".

This tournament is featuring a total of 13 teams from which players belonging to their respective categories are seen competing against each other in the matches played into the league. 

Shinwari Storee is defending the title and besides Shinwari Storee, Shams Green, DC Khyber Green, Young Stars Bajawar, Hayatabad Champions, Peshawar Youth Stars, Khyber DC White, Khyber DC Blues, PK-72 Tiger, North Waziristan, Kurram Shaheen, Islamia Zalmi, Star Jangal Khail, Kohat are also taking part.

Tomorrow, the 4th match will be played betweeb Jungle Khel Kohat and Shams United teams at 01:00 PM and Kuram Shaheen team will face DC Khyber Green at 03:30 PM. 

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