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Huzaifa, Haris, Kanwal win the 1st PEC Quaid-e-Azam Cup Open Archery Championship 2018

Huzaifa, Haris, Kanwal baggs the gold, silver and bronze medal each and win the 1st PEC Quaid-e-Azam Cup Open Archery Championship 2018 which was being held at Pavilion End Club in Karachi.

Quaid-e-Azam Archery Academy in collaboration with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) organized the very first edition of PEC Quaid-e-Azam Cup Open Archery Championship 2018 in Karachi in which a good amount of archers participated as the championship was open to all individuals for competitions in two different categories of Men and Women archers.  

The competitions were conducted on a two different shooting distance of 30 and 18 meters. The playing equipment was completely provided to the individuals who took part in the competitions as well as medals, trophies and certificates for high achievers were also awarded respectively.

Results of each category are stated below:

30 Meters 72 Arrows Individual Men's Category:
Huzaifa Gold
30 Meters 72 Arrows Individual Women's Category:
18 Meters 18 Arrows Individual Men and Women's Category:
30 Meters 6 Arrows Mix Team Event:
Huzaifa (40)Abeera (23)65Gold
Khizar (28)Fizzah (30)58Silver
Haris (34)Kanwal (12)46Bronze
All the shooters struggled for the win with their bows and arrows set at the target and collected their wins through a tough game in each category. However, Huzaifa, Haris and Kanwal were name the most valuable shooters in the championship with securing most points in total.

Following is the best of result in the championship:
1. Huzaifa 485+40=525
2. Haris 387+34=421
3. Kanwal 324+12=336

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