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PAK Sporting FC advances into the semi final of IFA Jashan-i-Azadi Football Tournament 2018

PAK Sporting FC make its way into the semi final defeating Kiran FC by 5-4 in the IFA Jashan-i-Azadi Football Tournament 2018 being played Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad.


Kiran FC suffered at the thrilling performance of PAK Sporting Football Club in their second quarterfinal match by 5-4 on penalty shoots. Both clubs played out a thrilling game throughout the match. Players from both teams tried their best to score against the other side but the score-line remained goalless at the end of scheduled time. Despite having several opportunities at the goal post none of the team players were able to net the ball. Goal keepers from both football clubs demonstrated excellent control.

Penalty shootout therefore determined the outcome of the match. PAK Sporting FC showed superb game play in the final part of the match by taking the leads on goals converting all their penalty attempts into scores for their team. Whereas Kiran FC was able to net the only goal for their side out of their 5 penalty attempts.
Huge celebrations were witnessed billowing in PAK Sporting stands as they gathered their win and advanced into the semi final stage of IFA Jashan-i-Azadi Football Tournament 2018.

In the matches played earlier in the tournament, the first quarterfinal was won by Akbar Football Club against Quaid-e-Azam FC by 6-5 while in the third quarterfinal Gouhri Football Club marked their win against G8 United Football Club by 8-1. Islamabad Academy outplayed Mehran Football Club by 5-3 in the 4th and last quarterfinal of the IFA Jashan-i-Azadi Football Tournament 2018.

Akbar Football Club will now compete with Gouhri FC in the first semi-final of the tournament which will be played today at 04:30 PM at Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad.

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