K7 Fitness & Kickboxing Academy

K7 Academy build athletes with a focus on fitness & strength. Their professional coaches guarantee results.

To provide physical fitness and martial arts training according to international standards, their main objective is to bring people in to prime physical shape. Their special fitness session includes stretching, fat torching, strength, flexibility and stamina training.

They teach Extreme fitness, HIIT-MMA-Full Contact Kyokushin Karate-Kick boxing (K1 style). They have a fully equipped gym, complete with a number of Punching Bags, ground/grappling training Mats, Speed ball, Medicine balls (abdomen conditioning), target Pads, Gloves, Skipping ropes, climbing rope, Shin pads, head guards, Chest guard, Makiwara (Shin bone conditioning), abdomen exercise mats etc. They have changing facilities and rest room.

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