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LRCA Inter-Zonal One-day Cricket Tournament (2019)

The Lahore Region Cricket Association (LRCA) have organized the 2019 Inter-Zonal One-day Cricket Tournament which started at various venues in Lahore from July 1st. This tournament is featuring players under sixteen (16) years of age. 

A total of four (4) teams belonging to each from all three (3) zones of Lahore Region Cricket Association (LRCA) are taking part in this mega cricket tournament. The participating teams are divided into two (2) pools.

Players from all three (3) zones are seen performing with all their skills in their clashes against one and another so as to earn the ultimate title as well as top honors in the tournament.

Participating teams are as under:

1. North Zone Reds
2. North Zone Whites 
3. North Zone Greens
4. North Zone Blues
5. West Zone Reds
6. West Zone Blues
7. West Zone Greens 
8. West Zone Whites
9. East Zone Greens
10. East Zone Reds
11. East Zone Blues
12. East Zone Whites

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