Fareed Malik

Fareed Malik's Profile

  • born:
    29 September 1988
  • sport:
  • Teams:
    • International Player.
    • Coach at PFF Rawalpindi / Islamabad Zone,
    • IESCO Wapda,Huma FC Islamabad,
    • Owner/Founder at MIDFIELD Football Academy.
    • Official/coach at Youngster Fc,
    • Owner/Founder of Midfield Football c
  • City:
  • Club:
    Coach at PFF Rawalpindi / Islamabad Zone IESCO Wapda, Huma FC Islamabad, Owner at MIDFIELD Football Academy..


  • Punjab U-21 Gold Medal 2009.
  • Punjab U-21 Bronze Medal 2007.
  • Punjab Olympic Games Silver Medals
  • so many times qualified for District Divisions Punjab and National teams and Training Camps..
  • PFF "D" Certificate Coaching Course 2012.
  • AFC "C" Certificate Coaching Course 2012.

I'm professional football player since 2000, Qualified coach from Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) and Asian Football Confederation (AFC).