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India, Uzbekistan's Participation Uncertain in Central Asian Volleyball Championship

The event is scheduled to begin on May 11.

India and Uzbekistan may not participate in the upcoming Central Asian Volleyball Championship scheduled to begin on May 11 at the Liaquat Gymnasium in Islamabad.

According to PVF chairman Chaudhry Mohammad Yaqoob, India and Uzbekistan's participation is uncertain for various reasons. India is currently undergoing elections, leading to administrative distractions, while Uzbekistan has yet to confirm the participation of its players and officials.

If India and Uzbekistan do not participate, the championship will feature six teams: Pakistan, Iran, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Afghanistan. In such a scenario, each team will play against each other once, with the top two teams competing for the championship title and the third and fourth teams vying for the third position.

The event will comprise three matches per day, starting at 2 pm, followed by games at 4 pm and 6 pm, respectively. The championship will span seven days, concluding on May 17.

Yaqoob assured that preparations at Liaquat Gymnasium are underway, although the air-conditioning system requires attention. Security arrangements are also being organized, with efforts made to engage fans by inviting schools and colleges to participate.

Regarding the Pakistani team, most players have joined the camp, except Murad Junior, who is currently ill. The team recently appointed Ruben Wolochin, an experienced coach from Argentina, to replace outgoing Brazilian coach Issanaye Ramires Ferraz. Wolochin will lead the team in the upcoming championship and also during the 14th South Asian Games, which Pakistan will host.

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