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Pakistan Army Aims to Retain Title in Men's and Women's Categories at Upcoming Table Tennis Championship

Pakistan Army will defend the title in the 59th National Table Tennis Championship in both Men's and Women's categories. Defending champion in Women Haiqa Hasan will also be part of the Pakistan Army's team.

Pakistan Army is gearing up to defend its title in both the Men's and Women's categories in the 59th National Table Tennis Championship starting from 8th December. Notably, the defending champion in the Women's category, Haiqa Hasan, will continue to be a vital part of the Pakistan Army team squad. 

The selection process for the upcoming Pakistan Table Tennis Championship concluded after a two-day trial held on 5-6 December. A 10-member squad, featuring top talents, is set to compete in both the Men's and Women's categories.

Women's Team:

Hoor Fawad, Bisma Faryal, Haiqa Hassan (Defending Champion), Sana Muzafar, Ume Haleema.

Men's Team:

Shah Khan, Haseeb Khwaja, Shayan Farooq, Abbas Amjad, Faizan Zahoor.

Coaching Team:

Women's Team: Raheela Kashif
Men's Team: Azhar Khan

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