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Pakistan wins Gold & Silver in Equestrian Tent Pegging C'ship 2021 to qualify for World Cup C'ship

Pakistani tent peggers made the nation proud by winning a gold medal in the individual lance event and a silver medal in the team lance event of the Equestrian Tent Pegging Championship 2021.

The seven-member Pakistan equestrian team recently visited India to participate in the world cup qualifiers of the Equestrian Tent Pegging Championship 2021.

The event took place in the Indian city of Greater Noida from March 16 till 18, 2021.

Pakistani tent peggers made the nation proud by winning gold medals in the individual lance and a silver medal in the team lance event, while all teams are waiting now to know the final result of which teams successfully qualified for the world cup championship.

Individual Lance:


Team Lance:


A total of seven countries, including Russia, USA, Belarus, India, Pakistan, Qatar & Bahrain competed with each other at World Cup Qualifiers. Out of these seven teams, top two will qualify for the World Cup, which is going to be held in South Africa in 2023.

Fatima Fertilizer has been a long-standing partner of the Equestrian Federation of Pakistan, supporting it to revive this traditional sports that is most admired by the Pakistani farmers community, as well as to promote Pakistan’s soft image in the world by earning international accolades at global competitions.

At this momentous win, Rabel Sadozai, National Marketing Manager at Fatima Fertilizer said:

“The game of tent pegging holds grass roots within Pakistan’s rural community and our mission is to win the hearts of Pakistani farmers by supporting their most preferred game. We have a long standing partnership with Equestrian Federation of Pakistan with a firm commitment to support them in reviving this traditional sport to its past glory and making Pakistan proud at international competitions.”

Tent pegging is a traditional sport of equestrian discipline and has been played in Pakistan since many decades. The sport is internationally played in a lot of countries around the World, but is most popular within the commonwealth countries. As per Equestrian Federation of Pakistan, as per a regional comparison, Pakistan holds the distinction of producing the highest number of tent pegging champions than any other country.

Source: EFP

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